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Change Priority Level when flagging a ticket as Overdue

I have looked around for this and have not managed to find one. Has anyone written a mod that resets the ticket priority to High when a ticket is marked as Stale or Overdue? I would like our staff to see tickets that have exceeded their grace period as higher priority so they address them sooner. Thanks in advance for anyone that can point me in the right direction.


  • This is a great idea.
  • I had a mod that was working for this until I updated to this week. I know just enough to be dangerous, so I am not sure what needs to be adjusted on it to make it work again. Here is the code if anyone has any idea why it stopped working. Thanks in advance, this place is great.

    //MOD: Up the priority!  (Priority ID's: Emerg = 4, High = 3, Normal = 2, Low = 1)

    $existing_priority = $this->getPriority();

    if($existing_priority < 4)

    $this->setPriority(4);//Always set to HIGH on overdue!
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