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Helpdesk URL is confusing

Helpdesk URL is a confusing field. The first impression I got from it was that, if I change it from "" to "" it will work as the system will manage the change but it didn't work. I got 404 error on the new link. Apparently this is not what it seems. Maybe it's meant to work for sub-domains?


  • edited November 2013
    This does not appear to belong in Suggestions and Feedback, and appears to be a request for help.
    I am moving this to the osTicket 1.7 > Installation and Setup Help section of the forums.

    You can use whatever URL you want to use, but you will have to configure your webserver to serve it, and/or configure DNS (of course will have to own the domain or have access to using the domain you want to use.) Once you have configured your webserver [and dns] to serve the page make sure that you log into osTicket and set the Admin panel -> Settings -> Helpdesk URL to what you have chosen.
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