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Awaiting Reply - new status or can this be done with SLA?

edited November 2013 in General Discussions
What I am looking for: If stuff reply or create a ticket, stuff should be able to mark this ticket as "awaiting reply" optionally. If the ticket is marked as "awaiting reply" and there is no reply (either from stuff or customer) within 48 hours the ticket should be marked as overdued. Is this approach possible with the current osticket system?

I think this is a bit different from setting SLA or due date. Because setting due date also rise overdued if a reply come in as long as the ticket is not closed. So I guess there is mod necessary. When I want to implement this, I would go for
1. Add "awaiting_reply" column to ost_ticket table
2. Using the same place for checking "awaiting_reply" where "duedate" is checked (what file is it?)
Here I update all ticket "awaiting_reply" = 1 and "updated" < currenttime - 48 hours
with "isoverdue" = 1
3. If a ticket is updated I reset "awaiting_reply" = 0 in any case. This can be done via mysql trigger or in osticket code (where?)

Whould this work? And if so, which files I have to modify?

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