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Opensource - yet payment help from the community

edited November 2013 in General Discussions
G'day all,

I'm eagerly anticipating the next instalment of osTicket 1.8 for multiple reasons, also the fact that plugins are being considered absolutely rocks and I high recommend that.

Like all things however new great code takes time and money and thats where myself and I'm sure multiple other people who can't contribute through coding, can contribute through the good old way of throwing money at things. There are obvious caveats but I think with the right mind set it could be implemented.

For example:

Horde is a Groupware application that is completely open source, and will always be. It has many many features and utilizes multiple open source projects to produce the great product that it is. However when certain people on the Mailing lists request for instance - multiple separate calender sync via active sync - they have given a price, hours to complete, deadline and have successfully achieved that.

I guess when it comes down to it what I LOVE about osTicket is that its simple, yet rock solid and mainly because its Open Source!! But how cool would it be if the Developers were to make a list:

LDAP support = $2000
Multiple recipients = $1500
Plugin support = $2500
Theme support = $3000

I know that we don't want to make it a paid system for sure, but if the community can give (money) to help speed the process and also slightly change the direction of osTicket wouldn't that be fantastic? I also want to point out that while continued development would NOT be a paid system - whats the point of open source if you have to keep on paying - to get the initial big issues that osTicket is facing this could be like a jump start in the right direction.

Anyway feel free to comment guys, I might be completely off base here...

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