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Multi Tenant

edited November 2013 in General Discussions
I have not been successful in my search....maybe someone here can help...

I have 5 agents who answer and respond to emails for general support/questions on behalf of 8 different customers. (Currently using Excel and Outlook.....arrrgh)

Is there a way to have only templates available based on how the ticket was received? (as well as email signatures)

Meaning if you email [email][/email] only templates for companyA would be displayed...

Something like:

Thanks you for contacting companyA.....blah...blah....

Customer Service Agent #1
Company A

meanwhile if an email came in for companyB only templates available for companyB would be available....the the email signature would be....

The email would be something like

Thanks for contacting companyB......

Customer Service Agent #1 (may be the same person as in companyA)
Company B
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