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Remote Piping on the same server as OSTicket

I am so very close I can almost taste it.

According to my host, I cannot access our mail server directly to put the automail.php script on it. And despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to get the IMAP extension enabled on our web server. And finally, Our CEO has too many sites and too much invested with this host to change.

So.... Our email is handled via GMail. I have found a service by which I can forward all message to support@ to a php script ( creates an email that I can forward my gmail to and lets me set a target php script on the server).

If I forward the email to automail.php I get back Status 408 (Request Timed Out). If I forward the email to pipe.php I get back Status 200 (pipe.php only supports local piping - use http -> api/ If I forward the email to I get back Status 401 (Valid API key required).



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