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Customize 'Create Ticket' form, or allow Help Topics to be set for groups of users

edited November 2013 in General Discussions
Hi all,
We would like to use osTicket for our staff helpdesk. Our staff have familiarity with specific technology systems we use as an organization. We will use Help Topics to categorize tickets by technology system.

We would also like to use osTicket as a public helpdesk. The public are not familiar with the technology systems that we use, so certain Help Topics need to be hidden or restricted based on the context of who is filling out a support request.

Is there a way to create distinct support request forms that we can refer staff and public users to, with relevant Help Topics? E.g. the staff create ticket form would have topics A, B and C, while the public form might have topics C, D, and E.

Thanks for any feedback!
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