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V1.6 RC4

Hi, This may seem to be out from Ancient History. I have a working installation of V1.6 RC4 and we are using it. Recently we started facing an issue where our responses are not getting delivered to the clients. I searched the forum found that upgrading would be a solution as suggested by so many. Since I do not want to disturb a working setup I thought of bringing the entire website to my local PC and experiment locally before I go on to do the actual upgradation.
I have exported the database and have a replica of the folder on the web server, on to my local PC and that's about it. I am stuck. Unfortunately I do not have an installer for V1.6 RC4. I read on the forum that I would need to upgrade to 1.6ST and then upgrade to 1.7. I have the 1.6 ST downloaded, however, since the local copy is not function I cannot try the ST upgrade.

This request may seem to be asking for too much of something which is history but I would appreciate any help which can lead me to either download v1.6 RC4 or help me to make the local copy usable.

I would also like to know if the same PHP and MYSQL versions are mandatory on my local PC Also.

awaiting help
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