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OSTicket for "Order System"

edited December 2013 in General Discussions
We currently use OSTicket on very small scale in our organization (less than 50 tickets this year). We would like to utilize it to store all of our customers' orders as well. On average this would be about 25 additional tickets and 25mb of attachments daily. I know people use all over use osticket for larger operations but I want to make sure I am not setting myself up for failure. Can OSTicket handle a lot of attachments safely?



  • We have close to 10k tickets in the last 3 months, loads of attachments, process all orders, returns and customer enquiries etc through it.
    We have several different departments for finance and whathaveyou, all our faxes are now converted to PDF, forwarded via email to the ticket system and are stored there.. this means loads of tickets with PDF attachments.. and yes, it is fine with it.

    Only major concern is the volume of concurrent users causing slight delays, for instance, if you have 20+ staff connecting attempting to "claim" tickets, there can be a few contention delays. I don't think you will hit that.
  • That was exactly the answer I was hoping for!  Yeah will only have about 8 concurrent users so we should be ok there.  Thank you so much for your response Grizly.  That puts my mind at ease.
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