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Version 1.8 Availability OnSoftaculous

Dear Forum Members
I am a newbie to OS Ticket so patience please.
I installed OS ticket via Softaculoous which is the service used by my webhosting company.
The reason I use Softaculous is that I am not a programmer or even an IT guy so it really makes the setup very easy (just one or two clicks, and everything is done). The problem is that Softaculous only offers Version 1.7 and I really need the new custom fields released in Version 1.8.
Does anybody know when Version 1.8 will be available for deployment for "non-techie" users.


  • I upgraded with Softaculous. I get email that there is update.
  • thnaks for the info
    When did did you get a notification from Softaculous.
    I did not receive one
  • Please contact either your web host or Softaculous to get this resolved for you.  This is not really something that we have the capability to assist you with.
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