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Department and Help topic relation

While creating a ticket, what if, I create a ticket and select Department 'A' while the help topic I select has a route to go to department 'B'. Which will take precedence? Why is selecting both mandatory?


  • I think I am not the only one confused since  there is no answer :-)
  • I made a help topic called "Anything".  I se the department on it to Department B.
    I then opened a ticket selecting help topic "Anything" and the default department "Support Team".
    The ticket ends up in the "Support Team" department.

    I'm not real sure of the how or why but you can easily test this for yourself by replicating what I just did. :)
  • Thanks for taking time to test the scenario. I was just being lazy. I will do a couple tests on my side and post my findings..
  • OK. So it tested this scenario. OSTicket assigns the ticket to the department and ignores Help Topic. help topic seems to be meant  only for the support center to make it seamless to the customers which department the ticket will go to but still route to the concerned department automatically.
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