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OST team, Thanks ! Forum users, you guys are good

Hi All,

OsTicket Team, I'd like to thank you guys for developing this amazing well built system. It shows how the developers have implemented right software engineering principles and made it user friendly.

I have installed OsTicket successfully, and I won't say I'm stuck. I have managed to the extent where I can create tickets and see them, do admin stuff etc.
A brief about installation at my end:

OsTicket 1.7.1
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard - 64 bit
PHP - 5.4.19
MySQL - 5.5.32
Apache - 2.4.4

I have no prior knowledge in implementing such web applications, and have zero exposure to PHP or MySQL.

Ok , I would be thankful to any kind soul here who can assist me to proceed further so I can set up this system in my organization:

1. I used XAMPP (1.8.2), so ofcourse PHP, Apache and MySQL were installed with it. This all is done on a Virtual machine running Windows server 2008 R2 (x64)

Question 1.1: What happens if I install it on a actual physical server, do I need to install XAMPP again or should I install PHP, Apache and MySQL individually ??

Question 1.2: Do I have to do anything with MySQL database, like creating tables etc. ? If not, then can I assume that once this system is implemented in Live environment, and tickets will be generated on daily basis. Then it will take up the space on server's hard drive automatically or Do I have to perform some steps on MySQL like backup etc ? Apologies for the basic question, my database skills need more improvement.

2. I'm afraid most articles I see to setup e-mail with OsTicket are related to Linux or other version of it, but no step by step guide for setting it up on a windows server ?

Question 2.1: Our organization is using MS Exchange, so which option should I opt for: phpfunction or SMTP ?? I'm confused in this.

I think for now, If I can get answers to above questions. Rest I'll be able to figure out.

Thanks a ton to all here.


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