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v1.8 install and/or upgrade...getting blank pages

Hi, I've been using v1.7 for a little less then a year (love it!) and was excited to see the new customization features in 1.8 so figured I'd give it a shot but have failed miserably at either trying to upgrade or a complete a new install. I'd prefer to upgrade and keep my existing tickets, but no big deal if I have to start fresh. The problem is after uploading the files (or overwriting in the upgrade scenario), I only get a completely blank page when I point the browser to the following: (when attempting to upgrade)
then, with fresh files, clean db:

shared hosting (bluehost):
Apache version2.2.26
PHP version5.2.17
MySQL version5.5.34-log

error log:
[10-Dec-2013 10:54:53] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home6/mysite/public_html/support/bootstrap.php on line 233

other notes: using the direct download from the website (not github); tried re-downloading then uploading files in case corrupted but don't think it's that...

If there's any other info I can supply, let me know.



  • osTicket v1.8 requires PHP 5.3+
  • Wow my bad. Guess I'll be updating my other sw tomorrow morning! Seems like I just did all this not long ago..can't rest for a minute! Thanks!
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