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1.7 to 1.8 with git

Is is possible to upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 via git?  I know they are separate repos on Github but I was thinking I could just add the new repo URL and pull.  Will this work?


  • Yeah, add a remote for the 1.8 repo

    git remote add osticket-1.8

    then fetch from the new remote

    git fetch osticket-1.8

    then you can switch to the 1.8 master branch (or the develop if you dare)

    git checkout osticket-1.8/master

    You may need to name the branch in your local repo

    git checkout -b master-1.8

    alternatively you could merge osticket-1.8 onto your repo (which may result in merge conflicts, beware). This process would be required if you are going to rebase your customizations onto 1.8

    git merge osticket-1.8/master

    If you are using the deploy script to manage the installation on your web server, you would then deploy 1.8 to stage the upgrade. Use deploy --help for usage and options

    php setup/cli/manage.php deploy -v /var/www/osticket

  • Awesome, worked great, thanks!
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