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1.8 Ticket priority

I Upgraded from v1.7 today to v 1.8  and let me tell you, the new features are awesome.  Love everything, and so far so good everything is working for me,  except one thing,   More then likely and overlook on my part...

Before when someone opened a ticket they could select their own priorities, and now in 1.8 they are not able too,  was this feature removed,or  relocated in the admin somewhere ,  the only thing i see in admin is unser settings> Tickets  the option for Default Priority



  • That was an oversight of the upgrader. The priority field was moved to the "Ticket Details" form. You can go to Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details, and make the "Priority" field not internal. That will make it visible to users. Coincidently, you can also change the location of the field in the form and add other fields if you would like.
  • Thanks a bunch jared for such a fast reply,  and for explaining where its located,  I have it working now.
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