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v1.8: I can't use my languages

So I created hu_HU directory in include/i18n. I copied the all languages file to hu_HU directory.
So where can I set this languase to default?
I find email/templates (example in osTicket Default Template) languages selector, but here there is only English.
How Can I use the my languages? The readme write that not recommend moditify the default english languages in en_US directory.


  • From the 1.8 release announcement:
    --- start cut and paste---

    Internationalization Project

    We’re listening to you! It’s taken some time to get going, but we are now in the beginning stages of adding multilingual support. We’re hoping to release osTicket 1.9 with fully translated language packs available. We’ve divided our translation effort into three phases and hope to roll the three phases into osTicket 1.8.1, 1.9 and 2.0 respectively. You can read more about the translation project on our blog.

    --- end cut and paste ---

    Translation: This is talking about the next three or more releases.
  • (As the blog explains), please get involved with the translation effort at!
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