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Split Tickets into multiple tickets

I work in an educational setting. As such most of our tickets are from teachers. Despite the I.T. Department's best efforts the teachers are constantly putting more than one issue in a ticket. We prioritize the tickets by a number of factors so multi issue tickets are in-efficient. I would really love the ability to SPLIT from within the ticket view into multiple tickets and then be able to assign them to staff, prioritze, post internal note, etc on the fly so to speak. 


  • Create canned response with text:

    "Multiple issues per ticket is against policy. Staff are reminded to submit each issue individually."

    Close each ticket with multiple issues replying with that response.. eventually, after you've closed a dozen tickets or so for each of them, they will learn.

    Or, because you will have to copy the text relevant, and any attachments, its possibly easier for you to simply hit the "New ticket" button and add the relevant details, you can even assign from there. They will get a reply for EACH issue, and may pick it up that way.
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