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Correct way to apply custom forms to tickets?


I am trying to find the right way to pull/attach my custom fields/forms into tickets and have some questions.

osTicket: 1.8.0
Host OS: Ubuntu Linux 13.04
Apache 2.2.22
PHP: 5.4.9
MYSQL: 5.5.34

Scenario: my company makes computer hardware and dedicated software products for said hardware.  So for each ticket, I would like to have associated with it the name of the hardware being used and the name of the software product (if any) too. 

1.  Logically, these belong with the ticket details and if I add list types and then add fields to the "Ticket Details" custom form then that's fine - they're usable for new tickets only.  For old tickets the fields aern't visitble.  I can probably live with that.  I think I read something in an earlier custom-fields post about the way the database works and how that relates to custom fields so I am aware of why this might be that way it is.  Anyway, this is a massive feature in v1.8 so thanks for implementing it.

2. If I add the custom fields to a custom form, then what makes the custom form appear when examining a ticket in SCP? 

I want to have two fields that record why the ticket is to be closed (e.g. we fixed it, customer fixed on own, third party fix, no fix, not a problem) and a customer feedback rating (good, okay, crap etc.).  Ideally, these would be available only when closing the ticket.

3. I would like to associate a user more closely with a company.  Although it's possible to record company identity for user when the ticket is being submitted, I don't see that data in ticket anywhere even although it is in the "Contact Information" form.  Also there's the "Company Information" form but I need to work out the answer to #1 to use this.

By the way, I have upgraded from 1.7.3 through 1.8 in its rc1 and rc2 foms so it's possible something's gone awry with my installation (although I think I have followed the installation instructions carefully).

I had a thought that custom forms might be a separate record types in themselves (and thus relate to SQL tables) although an examination of my osticket database suggests that's not the case.

Obligatory (but deserved) congratulation: well done on getting 1.8.0 out.  I have been playing with this for a while (having been looking for such a tool on and off for a few years) and if I can get my custom forms/fields sorted out, I plan to go live with this soon.  This looks like a good replacement for my our nice but (for political reasons) abandoned setup, and will save us from the clutches of the Mothership's hideous Siebel installation.

Best regards and thanks in advance for any responses,


  • Aidan,

    I have upgraded to 1.8 from 1.7.3 and have been playing around with it for the past week and can give you my observations to the items you posted.

    1.  You can set the custom forms by going into the help topic and assigning it to that topic.  As for the custom fields, they are stored in your database in a three new tables - ost_form_field, ost_form_entry, and ost_form_entry_values.  Previous tickets do not have the new custom variables applied to them.  The fields are only displayed for those tickets that have a field associated in ost_form_entry_values.

    2.  Having the custom field applied to the ticket will show the fields in the ticket.  I have a custom field for my tickets that gives the current status of the ticket - whether it is open, assigned to a staff member, waiting on parts, etc.  I modified the ticket class so that on open, it adds this variable and sets it to Open and then added a select button so that staff members could change the status.  I have posted a picture of this.

    I would recommend doing a similar thing for you.  I would create a list of your feedback rating and close reasons (so it is easily modified), and add the fields on your close ticket area.  From there, you would need to update the tickets close function to update those custom fields in ost_form_entry_values.

    3.   I don't know the answer here.  I will be playing around with it more to see if I can find anything out for you.

    I hope this helps you!

  • edited December 2013
    This is what I did for the different statuses (i forgot to post it with my last message)
  • HI, Andy

    Thanks so much for you response.  It's very useful.

    1/2. I set up the help topics so long ago - probvably when I did the initial 1.7.3 installation - that I forget about the custom field tie-in there.  D'oh - RTFM.  (Need to find the manual, actually.)

    I have noticed that if I add extra values to a drop-down-type custom field then the new values are not available to tickets created before the change. (Actually this is because I put them bewteen '<' and '>' characters and OST must not have escaped them before sending out the HTML.  I guess that's one for GIThub.

    Thanks again,
  • edited December 2013
    How did you do the custom status for tickets? And how can I delete or move from the forms the "Issue details" and "Issue summary"? I would like to have custom fields for every ticket filling in the place of summary and details. Now the custom fields are so low it is easy to miss them on cursory glance and then need to fill in details twice.
  • Thanks rowlandan25 this was really helpful
  • edited April 2014

    As for the issue details and summary, I have not found a way to get rid of them or to modify them based on the help topic.  I have the same issue in my system where all of the information needed is provided in the custom form I setup.  I just tell the users to put "See Above" in them as they don't matter for that topic.

    Hope this helps,

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