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A better ticket list!



  • Hi, I have added two custom fields in the ticket. In the Ticket.cdata these fields are called RMS and RIS and I would see them on the main page of the agent (2 new coloumn):
    scp / index.php
    How do?
    I have osticket 1.9.4
  • Hi, I'm trying to display a column in the ticket portion of the agent panel that shows the respective Department for each ticket.  You can view the screen in this image:


    I posted something about it and I was directed to this forum.  I have downloaded the Mod and it seems to be displaying a Status bar, however I'd like to know how to change it so that it displays Departments instead.  I do not feel comfortable editing the code itself since I don't know php, I'm just trying to set up the service.

    Currently, this is what I see when viewing my "Modules" :


    If I could receive some either managing the Mod or editing the code so that I can add a "Departments" column, that would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks! :)
  • I am new to osTicket, so please bear with me.  I tried installing this version of the better ticket list from, it looks like version 1.1.07 alpha 1010, and I get an error when I try to initialize the module via the Modules tab.  All it says is "Unknown setting option. Get technical support.", but I double-checked that everything is correct.  It doesn't seem that the database table is being created for this mod.  Any help would be awesome, as I really want to expand what the ticket list shows.
  • Well, i've installed this Mod without problem, but now i need to add a new column like Organization or other to main grid.
    How can do that?? anybody can help? please :-)
  • Great module!!! Perfectly working :-)
  • are you using the latest version ?
    it didnt work for me on the latest version 
  • Installed on Version 1.9.7 works GREAT

    I had a bit of a problem to get the shape to work but just disabled and re-enabled module and Bingo!!
  • Is there any incompatibility with osticket 1.9.7? I see it replaces some core files, so am I losing any code updates in these files in 1.9.7?


    Marvin M
  • edited April 2015
    Just chiming in here about a potential problem with this module in 1.9.7:

    I am unable to create a new Ticket Status via Admin -> Manage -> Lists -> Custom List 
    The issue is that, when I go to edit the properties on the custom status, I try to save the changes, but the "Ticket Status" drop down (Open or Closed) always reverts to NULL after clicking OK to save the changes.  I'm going to take a look at the code myself, but I'm not a programmer, so if I don't find anything I will report back

    Nevermind.. This appears to be an issue with osTicket itself. Even in version 1.9.4 I am unable to actually create a new custom status due to the Ticket State drop down resetting when I click save.  
  • hey Guys,

    i have an error an cannot save the seetings

    The settings can not be updated - Please correct the errors and try again

    SQL Error

    [SELECT propertyName, valueCurrent FROM ost_mod_status_object_properties WHERE objectId=]

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

    ---- Ablaufverfolgung ----

    #0 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\include\mysqli.php(177): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1064', '[SELECT propert...')

    #1 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\include\staff\ db_query('SELECT property...')

    #2 D:\xampp\htdocs\OSTicket\scp\module.php(143): include_once('D:\xampp\htdocs...')

    #3 {main}

    what is the problem?

  • Update: the same problem with version
  • Hi. I use 1.9.7 and I have the same problem like Oneil.
  • Hey everyone,

    I have now made a new backup from the old system and will now again the updatet perform on I give then again a feedback whether it be running, as I previously had problems with the LDAP plugin.
  • Hi all,
    I was wondering if you are able to add extra columns on the open tickets page on 1.9.7?
    If yes how is it done?
    Because reading through most of the previous posts I have not been able to find some sort of guide or set of instructions.
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thank you
  • @ Vas - I am trying to accomplish the same thing. I believe this is the line of code you are looking for (368-410). Although it is not a guide it is relatively easy if you know which variables you would like to add.

    @ anyone who can help -

    What I cannot figure out is how to add a column that is not a standard variable? (e.g. Standards: "ID", "date", "subj", "name", "status", "pri") I'm sure the variables are stored in some sort of database but I do not know where or what it is called. How do I know what database I need to search to find the variables I created in the "User Information" form?

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks in advance.

  • edited June 2015
    Just thought i would write an update to this topic.

    The purpose of the module that was created by rowlandan25 is only if you would like to customize the appearance of each status i.e. change color,size shape of each individual status.This does require adding a table to the database and coding changes.
    There are complications with this in later versions of osticket.

    However if all you want is just to add a column lets say to list statuses  it is quite simple and there is no need for the mod.
    It requires editing only one file  \include\staff\

    there are 2 lines of code that need editing . One adds the column header , the other adds the data that goes into it.
    rather than repeat myself here is a link to a discussion where i wrote out how to add due date the same can be done for status
  • @natedawg & @yisrael

    Thank you very much for the info. 

    I am also interested (like natedawg) in getting a column with a different variable. Especially one that gets the data from a form.

    To be more specific, we have a form that the user must fill out on the web interface in order to submit a ticket.
    On the form we have a couple of drop down options which differentiate the type of ticket/job. If we could display those on the ticket interface that would make our system more efficient and easier to assign tickets to users.

  • edited June 2015
    v1.9.8 (9c6acce)
    Same here it would be great to be able to add a custom field from a custom form. I use a field called "personnummer" swedish security number, witch has to be searchable in the ticket view list for staff.
    The number field is in the form contact information. How to do?
    Please Help
  • You can.
    The code is on include\staff\
    Now before you go further you need to make sure the same classes that are instantiated on that page are instantiated on
    Once you have done that you can go further

    There is an array called $answers. 
    As you can see below there is a foreach loop which runs through them all and gets the label which is the form field name and gets the field entry which is referred by the variable name $v 

    Just create a variable to contain the label and run an if statement in the loop that id  f the label equals this field name write $v.
    of course you still need to make the edits mentioned earlier in this thread to actually create the html table column and row.
     <?php foreach($answers as $a) {
                    if (!($v = $a->display())) continue; ?>
                        <th width="100"><?php
    Echo $a->getField()->get('label');

                        <td ><?php
        echo $v;

  • edited June 2015

    I'm new to osTicket, and am using the latest, v1.9.8.1. I'm also new to PHP and have managed to confuse myself several times while reading this thread.

    The problem that i'm trying to resolve is changing the field "From" to "Location" and pull from the "location" variable that is set up in the ticket form.

    "location" pulls from a custom list which includes the Schools in our district. I am able to change the physical name "From" to "Location" but I'm unable to get the data that it pulls to change, it just keeps pulling the "name" variable.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • sounds like you did not edit the <tr> section where the data is actually pulled to.
    thats located around row 469
  • That helped a bit, thanks! 

    Now it's pulling data, but instead of what the actual school name is, it is displaying the number in which the school is in the list. 

    School High
    School Elementary

    Acutal Output:

    Am I missing something?

    Below is what I changed, found around 488: Where is says 'locat', it used to be 'name'

    <td nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo Format::htmlchars(
                            Format::truncate($row['locat'], 22, strpos($row['locat'], '@'))); ?>&nbsp;</td>
  • list data is not actually stored in the form data table . all it does is reference it by ID and does a lookup to pull the data when necessary. So you will need to pull that data separately.
    however you can do it uch easier by just creating a local array on your php page which would be something like '1'=>'School High' etc.. and than just pass the list number into the array and it wil automatically pull the value 
  • I apologize for my ignorance as I'm just starting to learn PHP.

    I believe I understand how to create my array, as a 1-based index:

    $location = array(=> 'School High''School Middle''School Elementary');

    I'm just not sure where to place the array (around which line) and how to have it pull. It's making my head hurt...
  • you dont need to use 1 based index you can just use an associative array such as array('1'=> 'school high','2' =>'school elementary' );
    either way is fine.
    anywhere you load it is fine as long as its before your php which writes in the value.
  • I'm still not understanding how to make it interpret the data from the array and output it in the queue.
  • are you asking how to pull the school name out of your locations array or how to pull the number from the form field?
    to pull the school name from the locations array you would just output echo $location[1];
    however instead of using the number 1 you would pass in the list number as a variable 
    so echo $location[$listnumber];

  • I'm honestly not understanding any of it...

    I have 
    <td nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo Format::htmlchars(
                            Format::truncate($row['locat'], 22, strpos($row['locat'], '@'))); ?>&nbsp;</td>

    Which is pulling the numbers in the list and displaying it. I don't know what to add or change to make it display my custom list if i set that up as an array.

    I apologize again, i jumped headfirst into all of this without any prior knowledge. I feel like i'm in another country without any grasp on the language.
  • @yisrael

    Regarding the label which it grabs the data from the form on

    If the variable and label is the same on various forms will it grab the data regardless of the form used?
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