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osTicket 1.8 - How to use translation

Hello all,

I have translate all the file in the folder /include/i18n/en_US
After, I have created a new folder named "fr_FR" in the same path /include/i18n/fr_FR

Now, my question,

How to use my translation ?

Thank's in advance for your answer.


  • Hi utopik,

    Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question, but I am wondering how you translated it. Did you use notepad and manually translated it?

    Best regards....
  • Hi HornyWorlf,

    Yes, I used notepad++ and I have translated the files manually.
    It seems that email translation is only on sql database...  Look at \include\upgrader\streams\core\ there are sql files with email text. 

    Someone an idea ? 
  • Hi,
    This method don't translate interface client ! What do I translate this ? I must edit manually files ?
  • @Bartholin
    For now: yes: you must translate manually each file.

    the team is busy with implementing phase 2 of the translation project.
  • OK Thank U. But i don't see that translate page into interface admin (page, form, etc.)
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