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custom column for 'My Tickets' table v 1.8

I would like to add a column to the client's "My Tickets" table that is a sortable option just like the Ticket ID, Create Date, Status, and Subject columns.  The field would come from the custom fields created by admin.  This mod was pretty straight forward in v 1.7 but now that there are dynamic custom fields, I am having trouble tracking down all the files and how to query the database for the fields.  The table is displayed form includes/client/  I am not even certain how to match the values of the 'form_entry_values' table to the correct ticket.  Any help would be appreciated. 


  • would be great if their was a UI to do this, to be able to select the info from the tickets and be able to create a custom column. anyone?
  • I hacked my way through it using the mods outlined by 'A better ticket list!' post.  My column displays, and even sorts correctly,  but I am certain I did not code it the way it should be done.  We'll see if it breaks somewhere...
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