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Setting up fetching incoming emails

Hi there
I cannot get incoming IMAP emails to work. im getting a 504 Gateway Time-out

This is what i have entered below. I have tried using pop unsuccessfully. Any help with info what i am do wrong would be appreciated. Thank you



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  • Anyone got any ideas ??
  • Hey mate,


    POP usually runs over port 110. IMAP usually runs over port 143.


    dr jazz

  • Hi thanks for replying.

    Ive tired those setting but im getting a 504 Gateway Time-out.

    Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in /home/linweb19/s/ on line 139
  • You probably need to use the SSL port, 993, select "SSL" from the Encryption drop-down.
  • hi ive just tried 993 with no luck. Ive contacted my host and give them access to the software, they couldn't get it to work either.
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