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Export Ticket Data

Hi All,

I've been doing some research and toying with the idea of being able to Export ticket data from tickets. Since the recent addition of Forms to tickets, it has become a requirement for us to export particular tickets data to be captured in CSV/Excel format and filed.

As you know there is already the 'Export' function built into the Open Tickets page, at the present it seems to only export the header information of a given ticket and other statistics, not the raw ticket data itself.

I'd looked into using the 'Print' functionality within the ticket and converting the printed PDF to Excel format using third party software or an online converter such as Not to seamless and user friendly in my opinion.

For ease of use, I then looked into using a PHP SQL Export to CSV functionality to be incorporated into an additional button/link in the Tickets page: 

My question is basically, had anyone previously successfully integrated something similar to another osTicket installation for the purpose of exporting ticket data? Any advice is also greatly appreciated while I continue working on this. Thanks for your time!

Here is some images to further explain what I am attempting:



  • Export to PDF would be great plugin. would save the hassle of editing in excell and converting to pdf
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