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Add location dropdown to new tickets

Hi Everyone,

I'm very interested in osticket and i found it very useful but i do have a question!
we have 3 different locations(offices) and we need to have a location dropdown in open new tickets page to have the following:
every time anyone create a ticket they have to choose their office first and according to that office choice, system shows specific topics.
is that possible?

i'll appreciate any help in advance.


  • Create a list:


    Modify the ticket form, add the list as a required choice with a fieldvariable


    Simply enter the label "Locations", specify the custom list you created as the "type", tick "Required", enter the variable name 'location', save.

    Now you can edit the config of the widget, specify auto-complete and add help-text to it.

    Should be good!.
  • Thanks Grizly.  This helped me out as well.

    Another question, about this though.  I was trying to find out if there was a way to add a list to the email filter options.  I am currently using auto-cron for email polling and would like to auto-assign a location to the ticket when it is generated.  I was trying to do this with the email filter function, but wasn't sure how to add it in there.
  • That's a great idea, adding custom form values from the filter would be pretty useful to everyone, however I don't think it's currently supported. Perhaps add it as a feature request on GitHub?
  • Sounds like a plan!

  • I guess I should have asked where I add that as a feature request at?

    This would be my first time on GitHub, and I am brand new to osTicket.  Only been using it for a couple weeks.
  • I think that you would go to:

    on the right nav click on issues.
    under "Labels" click "enhancement"
    click the New Issue button (green upper right)
  • Thank you Grizly for your quick reply.
    as i'm not a big time programmer can you give me more details about the forms that you've mentioned?
  • I forgot to provide the following info before:

    osTicket  v1.7.0

    MySQL V5.1.69
    PHP Version V5.3.3
    CentOS 6.4
  • those forms only apply to 1.8+
  • arvage you need to upgrade to 1.8 for that.

    If you want/need to stay on 1.7 for some reason then you need to mod the source to add a location like your talking about.  I would recommend that you take a gander at this mod:
  • I've updated to and i setup a custom list and i created a custom form to use that list.
    now every time i create the ticket its in the ticket details and this is what exactly i was looking for but i need to know how can i call that custom list/form selection value in my email templates do every time someone open a ticket, ticket assignment alert has that value sent to the assigned people and this make their life easier.
    my form variable named location and i tried to use the following but no luck:


  • I access my agency drop down list by:

    Agency: %{}

    the variable will depend on what you set it to.  For example I go to:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details:

    Look at the label then look to the right for the Variable field (next to the delete check box).
  • Thanks a lot ntozier.
    Found it :)
  • Very welcome.  I'm going to go ahead and close this thread since your all set.  Please feel free to post again should you want assistance with anything. :)
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