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HTML editor on ticket thread not working.

Hi all,

The HTML editor on ticket threads doesn't seem to be working for me.

Unfortunately, all I get is a plain textbox, which causes linebreaks to disappear in posted answers. And apparently, it also has effect on canned responses, as nothing happens when I select a canned response.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or could something else be causing this problem?

osTicket version: (clean installation, not an upgrade).

Thanks in advance!


  • Any ideas?
  • Hi, try with another browser. The HTML editor works for me with Firefox and doesn't work with Google Chrome.
  • Thanks for your reply simak.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in any browser (tried it with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE).
  • I also have an ongoing problem with the screen garbled. I have changed class .redactor_toolbar {
    1. positionabsolute;} (Previously relative) and I can now use the screen. However, the buttons etc are hidden in both Firefox and Chrome. It's worse in IE9.
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