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Closed Ticket email response

I've been combing the mod's area and sorry if I'm not seeing this, but since we are switching to osTicket from another system the one thing I can't seem to find anywhere is an option for sending client an email when you close a ticket.  Seems like a standard thing, you close the ticket and people get an email with the details of the ticket being closed?

I do see how you can click the box "close ticket" when you post a reply, but what I would love to see is a "closed ticket" email template that I could customize and it would automatically send to the user.. maybe even have a break down of the ticket messages and everything... anyways.. 

thanks community, love osTicket


  • I've just trawled the code (including latest dev), and no, there is no part of it which will do that..

    Shouldn't be too hard to implement though, just a few modifications, and a single db entry!

    Code added to gist, as I'm still unsure how to add actual code to this forum.. ;-(

    Tested with 1.8 dev-next, functions perfectly, uses same template engine as all other templates, really the descriptions for the templates should be in the db, not in the code.. but there you go.
  • To actually get the "message" from the close message, you still have to use the reply with the close box ticked, this will just allow the system to send a close notification based on the template, and any signature or text admin-specified in the template.. so, useful for "do our survey", "rate our staff" type things I guess.

    You will have to figure out if it works as you expect, I think it might actually send TWO messages if you specified the reply and ticked close on reply.. hmm.
  • There is field "Response: select a canned response" - these are email templates which you can modify and select from the drop down menu just before close the ticket. In that way you can use the pre-modified templates.
  • thanks simak that's actually a pretty good idea, just have a canned response for "closed" and it would add all the information to it... sometimes it's the easiest way to just work in the boundaries and it ends up being better :)

    thanks for all the replies. 
  • @Grizly - I committed the same changes you mentioned but wasn't able to receive any actual email. The template inserted into the DB was successful and without error. I've verified this in the Email Templates list. Please see my two attached files, class.template.php and class.ticket.php (I had to rar them for upload). Is there some service that needs restarting?
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