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1.8.0 - "Confirm Navigation" popup when posting a message


Since I have upgraded osTicket to 1.8.0 every time I want to post a reply I get "Confirm Navigation" box.
See the screenshot attached. This box appears when I press "Post Reply" button.
I always click "Leave this Page" and my message is successfully posted on the thread.
I also tried Firefox browser - got the same popup before posting my message.

Anyone else has similar issue? How could I avoid that dialog box?

Thank you.


  • Attachment did not stick to my first message. I am attaching it now.
  • We get this all the time too.  You do have this message posted under 1.7 though.  Wish I knew how to fix it.
  • upgrade.
  • I have this problem and i'm using
    what is the file responsible about these alerts?
  • In 1.9rc I get double popups :(
  • edited May 2014
    Its because you entered text. You can disable it by editing /scp/scp.js and putting:


    Right at the bottom before

    There will no longer be any warning before navigating away for Staff..
  • It's a good thing that I get that warning one time if I modified something.
    Useless if I get it twice, even if I didn't edit anything...
    I'll have to look better at how to replicate it.
  • Does not work in v.1.9.4 :/, has anyboday had any luck with the latest version?
  • This thread appears to be about 1.8.0 (according to the title)... so why are you posting about 1.9.4 in it?
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