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"Custom Script" action for Ticket Filtering

Some useful feature which I've already suggested in "Call for plugin ideas!", is a 'Custom Script' action for ticket filtering. 
It means that with a specific conditions for a ticket (e.g. from special email), set the action to run a Custom Php/etc. script rather than just assignment and static actions.
Also I'll appreciate if anybody let me know any ticketing system which already has this feature.


  • That's a really good idea. I'd love to abstract some of my custom scripts out of core. I'll have a look when I get a chance, there is definitely a few different ways to achieve this. love it, great idea!
  • Got it working:

    Run this mysql command: (your prefix may vary)

    ALTER TABLE ost_filter ADD custom_script VARCHAR(255);

    Use this patch (from 1.8 dev-next, so might need some work for default 1.8)

    Includes an example php script which demonstrates the available entries for the Ticket array etc. Save it into a new folder in include/custom

    Admin interface simply globs this folder for scripts.

    Could probably be improved a lot, testing I forgot my Rule wasn't going to fire for every email, so I had to import a message ending in .com, which I thought would have been most of them ;-)

    So, you can fire the script for a Matching Rule. Awesome. Knocked it out in about two hours, spend most of that time testing and trying to get git to produce a working patch. Gah, I don't know why I find git so hard to understand.
  • edited July 2017
    FYI: This is very possible now with plugins, simply hook the ticket.create.before signal to modify the ticket, or the ticket.created signal for afterwards. 
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