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Continue using ost v1.6 - any potential issue?

I have been using a v1.6 ST customized for a specific requirement - communication with my clients. The feature set of v1.6 more than suffice for this purpose. I would like to know please, is it ok to continue using v1.6? Is there any potential risk in terms of security? Anything else I should be aware please?

I actually want to continue using the set up the way it is now as it is running smoothly.



  • I do not see any immediate issue with continuing to use it.  You may run into some problems when/if you upgrade PHP as it is continuing to evolve and some of the functions used in a version that's over three years old may be or may become deprecated.  The biggest problem I would see is finding someone to help you support it when it breaks.  Note that I say when not if.  I firmly believe that in our industry everything breaks eventually.

    If I may ask what customizations have you put in place that the latest version doesn't have?
  • Actually it is not the lack of features but rather the lack of need for too many features which was the reason for my initial thought and plan. Because the current customization is a very simple one. I'm not using this for full fledged support but more for streamlined communications with my clients.

    But really, thanks for shedding the lights on those important points. Just what I needed to know. I'm going for upgradation asap.

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