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Workflow setup question: Teams, groups, departments... or lists?

I have a question on how best to setup osTicket up for our situation - an internal marketing department

We have 30 locations covering 10 brands over 5 regions/platforms, with 4 coordinators that are responsible for different sets of locations. 

When a ticket comes in it gets routed to the specific coordinator based on the location it is for (or the specific email address of the person submitting it). After all requirements are vetted out with the client who submitted the ticket, or with a designer brainstorm session, the coordinator distributes tasks to the teams - usually the design team create the digital assets for approval, and then they often go simultaneously to both prepress and web dev teams.

The fun/annoying/problematic issue - some projects are for a single store, some projects are for a brand (with multiple stores across multiple regions) and some are for a whole region/platform (which covers multiple brands and stores).
How would you set up osTicket to maximize workflow for tickets? Would I set up the coordinators as teams or groups? Can a ticket be viewable by 2 teams at once, or would I need a list (can lists have multiples chosen?) I'm assuming that brands and regions/platforms would be custom lists, but please advise me if I'm wrong!


  • Sounds to me like you would setup a "department" for each location.
    Then staff groups to control which staff has access to which departments tickets.
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