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Allow Anyone to Send E-Mail on Ticket and Have it Added to Ticket

Right now the behavior seems to be that only the original requester can reply to a ticket via email to have it attached to the ticket.  I'd like for anyone to be able to e-mail the ticket and the reply be attached.  Is this possible, currently?


  • Anyone know if this is possible?
  • Please help us to help you by reading and following this thread: Please read before requesting assistance
    Thank you.
  • edited December 2013
    I am running on Bluehost - ISpecs:
    osTicket Versionv1.8.0.1
    Server SoftwareApache
    PHP Version5.4.22
    MySQL Version5.5.35
    PHP Extensions
    gdlibUsed for image manipulation and PDF printing
    imapUsed for email fetching
    xmlUsed for HTML email processing and XML API
    jsonImproves performance creating and processing JSON
    gettextImproves performance for non US-English configurations
    mbstringHighly recommended for non western european language content
    Database Usage
    Database Space Used0.23 MiB
    Database Space for Attachments0.01 MiB

    So how does one make this work?

    Has to be a MOD or way??
  • osTicket 1.7.0
    phpMail function
    php 5.3.3 on centos 6.4
  • jdgchc, please upgrade.  I believe that 1.7.2 saw a huge change in the way tickets are handled via email.  You should probably upgrade to the current version which is

    Starting with 1.7.2 its my understanding that tickets now use the emails internal message-id setting which is described in the email RFC.  If your client preserves this id like it should anyone replying to an email generated by the system should update the existing ticket.  (note that this will probably only work on new tickets opened in the 1.7.2 or greater version of osTicket.)
  • interesting, thanks for the info.  considering an upgrade to 1.8.0+
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