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Invalid login. Check IMAP settings


I installed v1.7 on a virtual machine (win server 2008) and I set it up correctly with email settings as well. I was able to send emails from osticket on ticket creation.

But, as the new version v1.8.0.1 was released. So I installed this on my company web server (where my company web site is running), so installation was smooth and worked fine so far. but I can not set up the email, after I enter the same settings (which I did for v1.7), it gives me the following error:

Invalid login. Check IMAP settings 

Also, this error message:

Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in D:\Web\Support\include\class.mailfetch.php on line 139

The only change between the 1.7 environment and 1.8 environment is :
I installed 1.8 on my company web server (the installation files are in the root website folder, so i'm able to access osticket page by\support).

Kindly advise for this, as this is very urgently required.




  • Done, I resolved it myself

    Added IP address of exchange server
  • Nakul21,  I'm glad that you got it working.  Thank you for posting how you resolved it here.  Hopefully someone else with a similar problem will see this and it will help them.
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