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Cron Job: The requested URL /support/api/tasks/cron was not found on this server.


Is there someone able to help me.

First of all my OS is CentOS 6.5.

I tried to create a cron job interval to run every 2 minutes. But when I try to reach the file I'm getting the following error.

Not Found

The requested URL /support/api/tasks/cron was not found on this server.

At the rcron.php file (which is located at /var/www/html/osticket/scripts I have changed the url and added the api key which I created.

The url in the file at section $config = array(

 http://osticket/support/api/tasks/cron (also when I use the ip address instead of the hostname I'm getting the same error.)

Also when I move the file to directory html or osticket it is still not working.

Hope someone is able to help me.


  • rcron.php is used when you do not have the ability to call the cron.php from the local server from the local server.  So if you are running cron locally you dont need to use it. If you were calling it from another server you would use it. (and you would want to move it into your web tree).  Since you are running linux (CentOS) I presume that you have the ability to schedule cron jobs locally.  You should be using the file at:


    More details about how to setup cron is located in the wiki at: POP3/IMAP Settings under the heading "Recurring task scheduler (Cron Job)".

    Also I should note that many people using CentOS has reported some issues when selinux is running.  You can try disabling it to see if it helps.  You would then of course has to change your selinux rules.
  • Thanks a lot for your answer.

    So in my case if I want it to set to 1 minute then it should look like this?

    */1 * * * * nobody /path/to/php /var/www/html/osticket/upload//api/cron.php
    So far I couldn't find the php location.

  • If you don't have privilege to setup cron job or don't know how to, a third party webcron may be a good option for you. Check out a tutorial at
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