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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

This forum software is HORRIBLE!

edited January 2014 in General Discussions
Seriously, what were you thinking?

It's worse than vB5. Yup, I said it.

If you needed to move to another software, go to xenForo. I can barely use this software!



  • I'm sure that osTicket dev crew appreciate your feedback.  I on the other hand disagree with you and think that this software is far superior to VB5 in many ways, and more importantly I think that its intuitive and easy for non-techies to use.
  • It's crap, to put it lightly.

    Quote doesn't work, email notifications are next to pointless - they don't contain the reply text, you have to go to the page to view them, wasting loads of time.

    Also, I'm almost certain it never used to be this. Go back to what it used to be, or go to xenForo.

    Anything is better than this.

    Also, the blocks are on the wrong side. The sidebar/blocks should be on the right, not the left. It just makes no sense.

  • I made a Stylish style to put the sidebar on the right...

    It looks much better ;)

    But what sites use tables in this day and age...?

  • Before this it was VB5Pro.  Prior to that it was VB3.5 iirc. Between this, vb5, and vb3.5 I think that I liked vb3.5 the best.  vb5 was a huge mistake, this is palatable but lacks some of the functionality that I would like it to have as a moderator. I think that the devs are still playing with the settings and theme though so I'm withholding my judgement.
  • Please get them to stop sending us e-mails every time someone reports a spam thread... Also fix the spamming.
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