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Making osTicket client centric instead of user centric

edited December 2013 in Features Request
Hello all -- I installed osTicket 1.8 over the weekend and am pretty impressed with how far along this project has come.  I am in need of a ticketing system to support a number of small business clients.  One of the first things that I realized was a need in osTicket to support a client (or company) name so I added a custom field in the ticket form to handle that -- the only problem is that i have to edit each ticket to fill that information out.  What would be much better is to have a client (or company) field as part of the user contact -- or even associate the unique email domain "" with a client so that anyone that opens a ticket from that domain will be assigned to that client.


  • Your suggestion is already on the roadmap for a future version of osTicket, and should be out some time next year (2014).
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