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Site Pages in the Menu Navigation?


I'm currently using v1.7 and I have a few questions:

1. What is the difference between the Page Types? I don't see that documented.

2. I have a page I created using the "other" page type, which is active, but does not show up in the navigation menu for regular users. How can I add that page's link to the menu?



  • I manually added the link to the page by editing include/class.nav.php.

    Would be cool if this was done automatically when pages were generated and marked as active.
  • Landing page is the page people see when they go to the client side of your installation.

    Offline Page is the page people see when your installation's (admin panel -> settings) Helpdesk Status: is set to offline (disabled).

    Thank you page is the page people see when they end user crease a ticket via the web interface.

    Other is for custom pages that are not those.

    Custom pages is new in that version and is very basic at this time.  I believe that there are plans to flesh this part of the ui out a bit in the future. btw 1.8.01 is the current version, you may want to upgrade.
  • edited July 2015
    I think still there is no way to link pages in automatically, we have to link CMS pages manually. 

    There is one issue in linking CMS page to header menu, that is 'Home menu link' will be highlighted always whenever we log CMS page.

    Is there any way to overcome this?
  • @crdipu this thread is from Dec 2013 for version 1.7.  This version is no longer supported and you should upgrade.  I would also recommend that you read the posting guidelines and follow them.

    Closing zombie thread.
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