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Phone number on SCP ticket page


Where i can modify to get phone number on SCP ticket page ?in place of priority i want to see phone number.

I tired in include\staff\ no luck i am lacking something.
Pls help.
Thanks in Advance.


  • That's the correct file. What exactly did you try to edit?
  • First we'll need to add the phone column to the $qselect...

    Find this...

    $qselect = 'SELECT DISTINCT
    ticket.ticket_id,lock_id,ticketID,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.subject,,,ticket.original_order,,dept_name '.
    ',ticket.status,ticket.source,isoverdue,isanswered,ticket.created,pri.* ,count(attach.attach_id) as attachments ';

    and replace with this...

    $qselect = 'SELECT DISTINCT
    ticket.ticket_id,lock_id,ticketID,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.subject,,,ticket.original_order,,,dept_name '.
    ',ticket.status,ticket.source,isoverdue,isanswered,ticket.created,pri.* ,count(attach.attach_id) as attachments ';

    Then, we'll need to replace the "Priority" header with "Phone"...

    Find this...

    <th width=\"70\">
    <a href=\"tickets.php?sort=pri&order=<?=$negorder?><?=$qstr?>\" title=\"Sort By Priority <?=$negorder?>\">Priority</a></th>

    and replace with this

    <th width=\"70\"> Phone </th>

    Now let's replace the listed priorities with the phone row that we added to the $qselect.

    Find this...

    <td class=\"nohover\" align=\"center\" style=\"background-color:<?=$row['priority_color']?>;\"><?=$row['priority_desc']?></td>

    and replace with this...

    <td class=\"nohover\" align=\"center\"><?=$row['phone']?></td>

  • Hey teryakisan,

    This mod no longer works in the current version (v1.8.0.2). 

    The code for $qselect appears to have evolved:  

    $qselect ='SELECT ticket.ticket_id,lock_id,ticketID,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.team_id '
        .' ,'
        .' ,email.address as email, dept_name '
             .' ,ticket.status,ticket.source,isoverdue,isanswered,ticket.created ';

    Kindly show me how you'd do this today?

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