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iFrame content on site page

edited December 2013 in Mods and Customizations
I have a PHP file that displays web server information that I would like to display on a "site page" I created in osTicket. Since the PHP file resides on a remote server, I was thinking of using an iFrame to display the content, however, when I click on the "save changes" button the iframe gets stripped out of the page.

What is another recommended method for displaying this content within the site page?

osTicket v1.7


  • I have exactly the same problem. An ideas anyone?
  • I've upgraded to 1.8.1 and now the iframe tag remains but the SRC attribute gets wiped out. Any suggestions?
  • It's probably a Redactor security setting thing.  You could always add the iframe code to the index.php directly if you really need to use iframes.  Just keep in mind that means when you upgrade your alteration would need to be redone.

    As a side note it's my understanding that iframes are generally considered to be bad for SEO if your concerned with that at all.
  • I could do that, but then how do I specify that it *only* show up on this custom page I created?

    The reason, as mentioned earlier, is to present a status page that is hosted on a separate server. Don't really care about SEO in that regard.
  • Oh... that I don't think that you can do currently.  You might want to make a bug report on the github project about your findings.  I also tried it out and came to the same conclusion that the SRC attribute gets wiped out.  I believe that Redactor (the wysiwyg editor) is stripping them out.

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