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Where is the To: email address stored when an email is imported into osTicket with the cron/API

Using osTicket 8.1.1

I have many multiple email To: addresses that are imported into different osTicket departments.

that both go into a single osTicket department

I created an extra column to show the departments, but would also like to show the To: email address that caused the email to be imported into that department. I can find the From: email but not the To:

Any help would be appreciated.


  • There is no version 8.1.1.

    I believe that the only header information that is kept is stores in ost_ticket_email_info, the TO field doesn't not appear to be kept.
  • Typo my version is v1.8.0.1

    does anyone have a suggestion on how to capture the email To: addresses when they are imported

  • HUGE bump to this.

    I do see the headers stored in the  ost_ticket_email_info  table, and I do see the "To:" field in the headers. I found a previous mod for 1.7 that you can add a "Show/Hide" headers, but it doesn't work in 1.8. 

    I also see code in the getHeaderInfo funtion in scp/js/scp.js that appears to parse the To: header into a a variable:

    // Put together a list of recipients
            $tolist = array();
                $tolist['to'] = $headerinfo->to;
                $tolist['cc'] = $headerinfo->cc;
    //Add delivered-to address to list.
            if (stripos($header['header'], 'delivered-to:') !==false
                    && ($dt = Mail_Parse::findHeaderEntry($header['header'],
                         'delivered-to', true))) {
                if (($delivered_to = Mail_Parse::parseAddressList($dt)))
                    $tolist['delivered-to'] = $delivered_to;

    There's gotta be a way to have this translate to something useful...
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