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Setting up outgoing ost emails with Office 365 user accounts

Setting up outgoing ost emails has been a bit of a question mark as to how best to set it up when using different departments. Also, as  a user of Office 365 have not been able to set up an authenticated email for outgoing ost emails.

Distribution Groups do not work (see below). Similarly when using a dedicated user account the ost response is: "Failed to connect to [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]..."  (see

For anyone who's interested here what was set up to get around the problem:

Email Setup for Osticket
Osticket hosted at 

Support email is
Sales email is
Accounts email:

The ost outgoing email requires to be authenticated with a login and password (or something like that) to prevent email failures as recorded in admin logs and as per some emails that are not received.  

The above support emails use a distribution group in Office 365 who advised"...You would not be able to add the distribution group via smtp because you will not be able to authenticate it. Office 365 servers require secure authentication using a username and password to enable send access you will not be able to do this via a distribution group. To set this up you would need to make the email address a valid user...." 

As such this is how it has been setup:
setup in cpanel (hostgator) to forward as follows:
- to /home/support/public_html/api/pipe.php

In Office365 Distribution Groups:
- forwards to individual emails + 
- forwards to individual emails + 
- forwards to individual emails +  

In Osticket Email Templates (eg):
This email used for all emailing:
- (SMTP authenticated for sending)
Following emails detects incoming to this email address ONLY (via forwarding above). Directs to  and assigns to departments 

Departments - each dept  uses for outgoing emailing

Login Information:
 - username:
 - pswd: ............
SMTP Settings used: 
 - SMTP Port: 25
 - Authentication Required?: No
 - Allow Header Spoofing? 


  • Problem discovered with this setup:

    When a user sends an email (uses email piping) to the support email, no New Ticket User Auto response is received by the user. The ticket is received ok. Other emails to the user are ok, for example when a reply is sent to the user they are received ok.

    The problem only exists if the ticket is initiated by email, as when a new ticket is initiated by the web, a New Ticket User Auto response is received by the user ok, therefore supporting that all the appropriate autoresponse settings are ok.

    Reason is: "...The culprit is the distribution list! Forwarded emails via a distribution list come tagged with headers to disable or suppress auto-responses e.g X-Auto-Response-SuppressX-Precedence or X-Precedence. To avoid possible email loops, osTicket correctly auto-discovers and honors such header among others..


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