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Documentation on how to sync users with other system via REST/JSON

Hi I just installed osticket and I love it so far. I want to integrate it with my other system and portal. Reading the forum I see reference to use of JSON/REST but cannot find documentation. Also along the integration lines, is there an event API where I can setup listeners for events in osticket? Eager to integrate. Ollie


  • The OSTicket API is very limited currently and only provides ticket creation through json request.

    You can find some information about it at the following link

    This is for ver 1.7 but I believe there hasn't been any changes in the API in ver 1.8 so it should still be valid as is.
  • You probably want to wait until the API is updated, I do not believe that the current API has the functionality that you are looking for.  There was a really nice mod written by Thane if your using LDAP/AD but it was not for the 1.8+ version.
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