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Internal Emails being fetched, no content being displayed


I know this is the version 1.8 section but cannot find one for 1.6. Over the holidays - my IT department upgraded the exchange server to Exchange 2010 SP3. Since then any internal emails received and fetched are not processing any of the text in the emails. The email obviously seems to come through because a ticket thread is created and all possible attachments are displayed. Are there any known problems for this? Is it time to upgrade possibly?



  • Spencaroo,

    We have the same issue with 1.6 with some HTML emails and have to load the body manually as an internal note. I have completed testing with 1.8 and it has resolved the problem for us, however I am currently having issues with POP polling with 1.8 and it seems there are several others with the same issue, there a number of topics open about it, so we are staying on 1.6 for now.

    Hope this helps.

  • Are you saying that your ticket in the web interface is blank?
    Or are you saying that the new ticket alert is simply giving you a {%comment} instead of the text of the email?

    If you mean %{message} then it was removed as a valid template code a while ago, Did you mean to use %{response} or perhaps %{ticket.thread.original}?  These template codes are of course set in Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates -> click on your template
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