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New ticket department access

The feature where you choose what group has access to which departments should that not extend to creating new tickets?

For example say I have 2 departments Support and Sales. - The sales group only has access to the sales tickets, however when they go to create a new ticket they're able to choose from all the departments.

Is there a way I can rectify this either through modifying code or through a setting?


  • There is no setting to change this behavior at this time.

    IF you wanted to be able to do this you would have to modify the project source (or submit a patch to be included on github).  I for one would not like this to change as it is a feature that we use here on a regular basis.
  • But if you've restricted access to a group to only see a particular department then what does it matter if they can't raise tickets under another department? Once it's raised they can no longer even see it.
  • Here are just a couple off the top of my head (doesn't pertain to my usage) set of use cases.

    Use Case 1:
    Because people in support (department) may need to open tickets for the billing (department).
    Especially if your billing department only works mon-fri, but your support department is open 24x7.

    Use Case 2:
    Tiered escalation.  People in your support (department) may diagnose a problem/bug and open a ticket for the development (department) so that it can be addressed in a patch.  One may not wish to grant direct access to their devs.

    Use Case 3:
    Billing (department) may need to open a ticket for the support (department) because a user may be having a technical issue connection which they thought was billing and is not.  Especially true if you the person calling gets disconnected, or if you have a live person monitoring a support email address and opening tickets manually.

    And those are just the first three off the top of my head.
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