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Change the position of response choices when opening a ticket

Hi there!

I'm new at the forums, and thought i'd ask if there is any way to change the order that the response choices appear in, when opening a ticket?
What i'd like, was for "Post internal note" to be set as standard when opening a existing - or a new ticket.

The reason why is easy: People at the office dont remember to swap, or uncheck the checkbox. Some of our customers have got a few "funny" emails :D

See image below.
Any help would be much appreciated!


Hans N


  • There is no way to do that with out editing the distribution files.

    This means every time you upgrade you would have to re-edit and make the change.

    I haven't tried this, but I imagine that you might be able to re-order the tabs by editing the file /include/staff/  I haven't looked to confirm, but that is the file that displays the ticket view.
  • Thanks mate :)

    i'll have a look at it!
  • Hi! :)

    Just to let you know: ntoziers trick did the job.
    My code now looks like this:

    <div id="response_options">
        <ul class="tabs">
            <a id="note_tab" href="#note">Post Internal Note</a>
            if($thisstaff->canPostReply()) { ?>
            <a id="reply_tab" href="#reply">Post Reply</a>
            } ?>
            if($thisstaff->canTransferTickets()) { ?>
            <a id="transfer_tab" href="#transfer">Dept. Transfer</a>

    Thanks a lot!
  • Hey Frontsystems, glad to point you in the right direction.  By the way thanks for posting your solution for other people.  Someone else may want to do this and now you have helped them do it.

    Keep in mind that when you upgrade that you will have to go back in and re-perform this alteration.   Closing thread since its resolved.
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