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Pay per ticket with paypal [collaboration request]


we want to offer commercial support on a pay-per-ticket basis.
This is how we imagine the process
  1. User opens a ticket
  2. User receives response containing a paypal payment Link
  3. User pays the ticket
  4. Paypal sends IPN which triggers a POST requests to a web service we host ourself (very simple: ticket with id = {id} payment status = paid)
  5. In OS Ticket's tickets overview there is another column (payment status) that turns from red to green after performing a GET request against our webservice for all tickets that have the status "paid"
  6. Operator solves paid ticket
  7. Customer is happy :-)

Steps 1 to 4 are no problem at all for us, but as we haven't worked with php before, we'd need help here. Should be pretty easy for someone who knows php, though.

Is anybody who needs that feature too, interested in working together on that feature?
Ideally someone from Germany,  so there is no language barrier :-) But that's not a requirement

Further thoughts: There could be different price levels according to different degrees of urgency

Best regards


  • This sounds like an ideal candidate for a plugin. And something that I personally would be interested in academically (since I have no real urge to provide that type of service).
  • Did anyone ever have any luck with this? it's something I would also be interested in.....
  • I don't think so since there are no further responses and this discussion is from 2014, so old and that's why I'm closing it now.
This discussion has been closed.