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One Ticketing System for multiple front ends (same industry)

I am interested in a ticketing system which I can put on my various websites and they should all be linked to one database so my support staff can handle the queries. We have one support department but various front ends.

Is your software designed in such a way that can help my organization?


  • There were articles (and mods) written for 1.6 but currently as it stands It wouldn't be super easy to do that. You could have multiple code bases that access the same DB (and a different URL associated with each code base), but you would have to do some hard coding of information which may prove difficult if you would like custom logo's for each one, etc.

    My understanding is that multiple branding support is currently planned for inclusion in future version 2.1. (We're on currently).  This sounds like what your looking to do.  I will not speculate on the release date for it at this time though.
  • @ntozier: could you give an update on this? I would also really like this option. It saves me from having to maintain multiple osTicket-installations. Running 1.10.1 atm. I do found some pointers here on the forum, but not enough to get it working.
  • I'm not aware of any updates to report.  My understanding is still that its planned for inclusion in v2.1 when ever that is released.
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