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new ticket override priority


I have update my osTicket to 1.8 and unfortunately the option that gives the user to override the ticket priority when they create a ticket is disappeared and i really need that option.
is there anyway to turn this option back on?


  • To grant the ability for users to select the priority of their ticket you would:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms
    Click on "Ticket Details"
    Locate the "Priority" entry, uncheck Internal.
    Click "Save Changes"

    However you could also setup ticket filters, or change the priority based on the tickets help topic.  I personally find that my users select priorities that are much higher then they should be, but your users are yours and you know them way better than I do. :)
  • Found it 
    Problem Solved
    Thank you ntozier for your reply 

  • Very welcome.  :)  I'm going to close this thread, but feel free to post again if you encounter any additional issues.
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