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Auto-reject emails not already assigned to a ticket?

I want to force people to use the web portal to submit a new ticket, because I want them to fill out the help topic and other mandatory information themselves.. However, I do want them to be able to reply to the automated emails that get sent out when we post comments on their tickets, and I want those replies to tag themselves to the ticket.  

Is there a way (without modifications to source) to auto-reject emails that are not tagged to an existing ticket, so a new one doesn't get created?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • I figured out a workaround... Setup an email filter, and auto-reject anything that doesn't have a specific text string I specified [TECHEMAILSUBMISSIONOVERRIDE].  Apparently this filter won't apply to responses to existing tickets, which is a good thing, as I don't have to modify all of the templates to include that text string.
  • Good work around.  Thanks for posting your solution here.  Hopefully someone else who has a similar issue will see this and it will help them. :)
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