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email template wrapper (header/footer)

Hi. Wondering if there's anywhere I can mod the emails that's sent to adjust the what is include before and after the template editor?

I adjust all template information, what is sent when creating new ticket email, response ticket emails and so on. All this is made in the admin panel.

What I would like is to be able to insert html and css before and after the admin panel editor window. So what I adjust in the admin panel is just the actual content.

Is this possible?


  • To make the question more simple.

    I would like to be able to change the whole email template. From <html> and <head>.
  • Looking at the database when trying to create a full html email with header and css is that the editor removes everything outside <body>.

    So in database table 'ost_draft' holds almost the complete mail. Css is there but no html tags for header so the css is read as a bunch of text.

    Looking in 'ost_email_template' what I'm guessing is the final result that is used for posting emails. There everything is removed except for the content that was inside <body>
  • Found it. 

    look at /include/class.mailer.php

    Somewhere at line 176.
    Include the html content you want.

    $message = "<html><head></head><body>" .$message. "</body></html>";

    Right before $mime->setHTMLBody($message);
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