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Attachments do not transfer along with .sql dump

Hi All,

Our current production osticket instance, osticket 1.6RC5 is hosted by 

I would like to dump the DB and import it into a Centos 1.6SR server that I have stood up. 

After I successfully imported the .sql dump,  the attachments are no longer accessible. Tickets say they have attachments, but when I click them I get a page that says file not found. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The goal is to import all information to the 1.6SR DB, then upgrade to the latest osticket. 



  • 1.6 stored the attachments in your attachment directory on your hard drive.
    1.7 imports them into the database.
  • Ok. So if the 1.6 instance is hosted, I need to somehow get those files from them. Once I do that, how can I import them to have a fully functional ticket system??

    I understand the differences in the way they are stored. I just need to get it working. :)

    Any advice?
  • You would copy the files from SOURCE1:/path/to/attachments and put them in the same place at SOURCE2. I recommend sFTP (of FTP) for that, but you would need to talk to your hosting company about how to do that if you don't know how.

    You could put the files anywhere in new installation you want, you can then log into the new ost instance and go to: Admin panel -> Settings -> Attachment (if memory serves me correctly since its been a while since I've used 1.6) and change your attachment path.  Make sure that the folder you put them in is readable by your webserver user.
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